Picture people at the beach, cruising in cars, surfing, barbecuing, and just having fun hanging out and that is the vibe “Twenty Five” gives off. It’s contagious.

~ Limerence Magazine

Writing Stereo Dream
Jan. 29th, 2015

Lost Element was introduced to Producer Bryce Bordone in early 2013. Bryce is a young up and coming producer based out of Mix Star Studios in Virginia Beach. Mix Star is owned by his uncle, Serban Ghenea. Bryce has worked on projects ranging from Katy Perry to Black Vail Brides. After LE got off of their February - March tour, Bryce made his first trip to Houston to start producing the new Lost Element album. They clicked immediately and quickly became a writing force to be reckoned with. After many trips from Virginia Beach to Houston, the band had completed the writing process and began tracking the songs here in Houston, at Digital Services.

Once Bryce received the tracks, he went to work on his pre-production magic, where he then got the guys more involved to create the final product. A wide combination of writing influences created a new dynamic sound for Lost Element. This fresh and exciting debut album is a mix of new wave pop, alternative drive, and indie hooks. In Jan of 2015 everyone was more than ecstatic by the way that the album turned out and it was time to send it off to get mastered by grammy award winning Chris Gehringer from Sterling Sound in NY.