Lost Element
Lost Element

Hailing from Houston, TX, Lost Element has quickly established itself as one of the most promising new Alt/Pop artists on the scene. Their new single “Twenty Five,” which layers crunchy guitars with a good time summer vibe sing-along chorus, is set to release in April of 2015. Behind Lost Element’s sound are the three core writing members Omar Lopez (Lead Vocals), Brian Barrett (Drums and Backup Vocals), andTrace Sisson (Guitar and backup Vocals), along with youthful dynamic duo of Kenny Conlon (Bass) and Frank Vazquez (Guitar and backup Vocals).

Lost Element has built a strong and devoted fan base in Houston, playing large music festivals including 94.5 The Buzz‘s Weenie Roast, supporting Awolnation and Hoobastank as well as opening for many national acts at clubs and theatres in the area. Critical acclaim includes their winning the “New band of the Year” award at the 2011 Texas Buzz Music Awards.

“Twenty Five” is the first single from their new album, “Stereo Dream”, which is set to release this fall. It’s produced by up and comer Bryce Bordone. The new album shows a marked evolution in their sound, presenting a dynamic mix of new wave pop, alternative drive, and indie hooks.

Omar Lopez
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Omar is originally from Cleveland, OH where he started playing music in his early teens. He moved to Houston TX, where soon after, he started the band OverShot. After graduating high school, Omar took his music to the live music capital of the world, Austin, TX, where he played in multiple bands and eventually met Brian and started jamming with him. Art and music have always been his true passions and writing is in his DNA. Some of his personal influences include: U2, Big Wreck Tears for Fears, Black Lab, Virgos Merlot, Doves, Star Sailor.
Trace Sisson
Guitar, Backup Vocals
Trace spent his early years in Nashville, TN, where music was engraved in his roots. His grandfather was a touring musician as well as his uncle who followed in his footsteps. Trace picked up the guitar in his early teens and immediately started playing in a band, that would become Lost Element, with long time friend Brian. Some of his influences include: Incubus, Silver Chair, and Muse.
Brian Barrett
Drums, Percussion, Backup Vocals
Brian's dad played the drums growing up so he had an old 1969 Ludwig kit stored up in the attic. He tore them out of the attic when he was in 5th grade and started beating away. He never really took drumming seriously until he met Trace in their high school choir class, where they started their first band, Drift. Music was always and still is nostalgic to him. "Nothing can take you back to a specific time and place like music can," he says. Brian grew up playing sports, but once he picked up music it felt like home. He always had an urge to be creative and do something exciting with his life. Writing music has always been that escape. His writing has been heavily influenced by some of his favorite artists, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Johnny Rezenik, Justin Furstenfeld, and Daniel Johns.
Frank Vasquez
Guitar, Keyboard, Backup Vocals
Frank was born into a military family in Indianapolis. He spent his early years moving from state to state but finally settled down in Houston. His musical journey started at age 4 when he started taking piano lessons and immediately displayed a gift in music. After picking up the guitar in 8th grade, Frank could not put it down and joined as many bands as he could find. Frank was very involved in church music and spent his teen years playing in bands, giving music lessons, and performing in front of hundreds of people. This is where he fell in love with the stage and live music. He wanted to strive for musical excellence and that's what drives him today. “I feel the most alive when I’m performing on stage.” His musical journey led him to branch out and experience different areas of music. This is where he met the guys of Lost Element. Frank’s influences include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, The Black Keys, and Imagine Dragons.
Kenny Conlon
Kenny was born in a small town in Venezuela. In his early days, his family had to move a lot because of his parents jobs. He has lived in a total of 5 countries including Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Qatar, and the U.S. Kenny’s adolescent years developed a passion for playing and listening to music. But wasn’t until he was 18 that he was able to acquire a good bass guitar and start his journey in the music industry. With a diverse background of musical influences Kenny ventured off playing and performing for different artists and churches around the Houston area gaining experience in a variety of styles of music. His major focus eventually became rock, gospel, and pop. At the age of 21, while working at a shoe store, he bumped into Trace Sisson who invited him to audition for the band. After a couple of shows they offered for him to become a member of Lost Element.